Valle del Potenza

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An app offering a wealth of cultural and artistic resources.

TripTo’s "Valle del Potenza" offers users a wealth of information on the municipalities of Recanati, Potenza Picena, Montecassiano and Montefano, along with the description of more than 200 points of interest, providing access to an array of cultural, artistic and architectural resources and an extensive range of options encompassing events, restaurants and accommodation, all of the highest quality.

This is a travellers’ app that is overflowing with content, created by those who know the area inside out and intended for those who want to discover its points of interest in a new, engaging way, thanks to detailed profiles that include descriptions, contact details, images, videos, audio tracks and maps.
Augmented reality enriches the experience of visiting the sites in question, while integration with the navigator installed on the smartphone makes it possible to lead the tourist to one or more of the reviewed businesses, and to access the services and facilities that best match his or her requirements.
The application also works offline, so it is possible to download the information and avoid roaming charges while you’re on the move.


Main features:

  • Detailed profiles of the points of interest, with descriptions, images, audio and video 
  • Content constantly updated
  • Ranking of the points of interest by distance from your current location
  • Maps with the points of interest flagged up
  • Free push notifications on events and news
  • List of favourite places
  • Augmented reality
  • Voice assistant 
  • Offline browsing of the content
  • Integration with GPS navigator

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