Promotion and Marketing territorial app for iPhone and Android

TripTo Guide

What’s the reasoning behind having an app to promote the local area?
Because travellers today are more interested than ever before in finding places, discovering traditions and exploring histories that are way off the beaten track.
To let people discover the treasures of your part of the world thanks to detailed informative profiles, geolocation and augmented reality.
To offer a way to find, quickly and easily, all of the information on the services and facilities available.
To promote hotels, restaurants and businesses and to provide news on scheduled events and promotions.
Because your suitcase is simply too small to cart guides and maps all over the place!

With TripTo, you can promote your local area or your business by giving tourists and travellers an app that is simple to use and full of online (and even offline) content describing the local history and the most interesting services and itineraries in your part of the world.

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