The tourist guide that also works off-line! | TripTo Guide


TripTo is available for iOs, Android and Windows Phone

The innovative technology developed by Prossima Isola makes it an excellent tourist guide, for both online and offline browsing:

  • Simple

  • Choose between the Light Brand and Full Brand versions: in both cases, you'll have a customised app with high-quality content that's intuitive and exceptionally easy to use.
  • Multi-channel

  • Even capable of promoting businesses and points of interest in different areas – making it ideal for tourist consortiums, collaborations between local areas, business improvement districts and international partnerships.
  • Emotional

  • The option to include video and audio guides and the “augmented reality” mode will make each traveller's experience special; in this way, visitors will be in a position to discover everything about their surroundings at any time.
  • Instant

  • Thanks to push notifications and geolocation, you can aim your promotions and events at a specific target, sending the news in real time only to those who are actually nearby at that moment, thus avoiding expenditure on generic – i.e. obsolete – advertising.

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