Technical features of responsive sites

To ensure an optimum browsing experience on desktops, smartphones and tablets, and an optimum experience of native applications on iOS Apple, Google Android and Windows Phone, we design and build responsive websites.

The use of responsive technology enables our websites to be displayed clearly on any fixed or mobile device, giving the user a simple and visually attractive browsing experience.
For the users, it thus becomes far easier to browse the information and to then decide whether or not to visit the place in question, attend an event or purchase a product, even when those users are on the move.

The following content is shown to users on our responsive websites:

  • Points of interest (businesses, museums, restaurants, churches, products, recipes, etc.) with text description, representative image, useful contacts, map geo-referencing, multimedia gallery with images, video, audio.
  • News/Events with start date and end date, representative image, title, text description, useful contacts, map geo-referencing and links to one or more points of interest; the news and events can be filtered by time period.
  • Itineraries with representative image, title, text description, points of interest inserted along the route, useful contacts, geo-referencing of the route on the map, and multimedia gallery with images, video, audio.
  • Static descriptive pages on places, services and products, along with any other relevant information.
  • Quick links box with list of quick links to informative sections or external websites.

We also provide high-quality support online for almost all TripTo functions:

  • Easy to create and insert content using the web interface, simplified for use even by non-expert users
  • Option to import existing data by uploading or by remote connection to databases on other websites (accepted formats: XML and CSV)
  • Multi-lingual management
  • Search engine
  • Themed categories
  • Ranking of points of interest by distance from current location 
  • Image gallery, video, audio 
  • Filterable map with the categories of points of interest and itineraries, and possibility to interact by accessing the relevant profile
  • Weather forecast
  • Integration with the social network
  • Contact form 
  • Site access statistics
  • Highlighted points of interest, news and events.

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